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Instructional and Informational material from earlier postings

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Little Archiivist

Just for FunBuilding a banjo/bassoon arrangement using the widget
Building a Banjo LickGoing beyond the basic chord notes
basic chord rulesSimple explanation of where chords, and chord names, come from
Modifying and Customizing the WidgetIdeas for modifying the basic widget to make it your own
Notes from East Tennessee State acoustic theory coursescreen shots of class notes that might be some help
widgeteering banjo chordsFiddlewidget layout diagrams of the three basic shapes and how to modify them
Cutting and Pasting Blue Ridge Cabin HomeWorking through Wil Huckaby's Cut 'N Paste Approach
Widgetizing a melodic lickWil Huckaby's double-barrled lick that works with two different chords