Instruments "Widgetized" So Far

OK, so where can I get one?
The following instruments have been mapped, and Fiddlewidgets are commercially available for these. I can work up something for other instruments and alternative tuning configurations if you want something different. Just call or e-mail and we'll work it out.




Banjo, 5 string, standard G tuning Yes Yes
Guitar, Standard EADGBE tuning Yes Yes
Fiddle, Standard GDAE Tuning Yes Yes
Mandolin, GDAE tuning Yes Yes
Resophonic Guitar (Dobro) GBDGBD Tuning Yes Yes
Bass, upright or electric Yes No, but RH Mandolin can work. Call me.
Viola Yes No
Cello Yes No

Available from nationally known music suppliers, or call Bruce Haney at (423) 349-6715 or email at .