Widgeteering the Banjo

Basic chord patterns

There are only three basic major chord patterns on a standard-tuned banjo. One of the best-kept secrets in this world.

Click the chord shapes to see how to manipulate these chord shapes around to make minors and sevenths.

Other chord forms can be arrived at in the same manner; establish what scale position changes are required and use the Fiddlewidget to locate the target fingering.

G-Chord Shapes
D-Chord Shapes
F-Chord Shapes

More Widget-Friendly Banjo Stuff:

Widgetizing Wil Huckaby's Blue Ridge Cabin Home from his "Cut 'N Paste" banjo book

A look at a melodic lick from Wil's melodic banjo second "Cut 'N Paste" banjo book

Working a Blue Ridge Cabin Home break around the melody to make the break sound more like the song