Painless, Practical Theory, For Anything with Strings:

You can use it to find your chords and scales, calculate where to capo, transpose from one key to another, anything that has a basis in scale theory. But you do not need to know anything about theory to begin using it.

Keys and Chords   Locates all possible major chords anywhere on the neck, and teaches converting to other chord forms

Fingerboard Mapping   Encourages and helps the student to learn the fingerboard, which is what teachers want.

Transpositions Move songs from one key to another, two different ways, easily and understandably

Capo Placements Calculate where to put a capo on the instrument to make playing more comfortable

Fiddle Double Stops thru 5th Position If it's on the neck, this thing will find it

Fits easily into instrument case or 3 ring notebook