Sliding Into Third

headfirst slide

Breaking down some higher position work- that's where you slide the left hand up the fiddle neck.

There's a couple reasons you might do this; you either run out of notes and need to go above the C note on the E string, or you want to play a double stop (chord) that isn't available down in first position.

I'll pick third position, since that's the one I usually wind up in more than any other. It's called that because you slide the hand up till your first finger lands where your third finger would normally be.

I'll post examples and explanations from three tunes, all in the key of G, where you can briefly go up to third position to catch specific chords or higher notes.
But first, you might want to view this video, explaining how to use the Fiddlewidget device for mapping the higher positions.

Dear Old Dixiesliding a C chord to 3rd position
I Saw the LightUsing the same idea to slide up a G chord
Twinkle Little Star (No, not "twinkle twinkle") Great fiddle tune done by Bobby Hicks, employing some higher notes in 3rd--or maybe fourth--position

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